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Primascan Colorado 2400u Scanner Driver

What does this driver support?
- This colorado 2400u driver only supports one color mode and one black\white mode.
- Color is scanned at 100 dpi.
- Black\White mode is optimized for text scanning and OCR, and scans at 200 dpi.

How is it installed?
- As long as g++ is installed and configured with the libusb libraries, this should compile.
- Go to the directory with primascan.c in it, type 'make' in the command prompt and press enter.

How do I run the driver?
- You can run the driver directly or by using the provided shell script.
- Running from the shell script
    -> type './scanToGimp [text]' in the directory with the file 'scanToGimp'
    -> If you want a text optimized scan type text where [text] appears in the line.
       If you only want color, leave out [text]
    -> By default, the scan will open GIMP, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program with the
       new picture.  If you would like that to default to another program simply open
       the 'scanToGimp' file, change 'gimp' to whatever other program you need, and
       save the file.  In the future this will open with that other program.
- Running directly:  type './primaScan [text] > [filename].pnm'
    -> Replace [filename] with what you want for the name of the file.
    -> If you want a text scan instead of color, type 'text' where is says [text].
       If you only want color, leave out [text]
    -> Open your new picture in whatever program you chose. (Hopefully it supports pnm)

Why doesn't it work?
- Well, there could be lots of reasons
- You are probably trying to run it with insufficient permissions.  
      Read the section "Information about USB scanners" to learn how to get the right setup.