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FFmpeg maintainers
Below is a list of the people maintaining different parts of the
FFmpeg code.
Please try to keep entries where you are the maintainer up to date!
Names in () mean that the maintainer currently has no time to maintain the code.
A CC after the name means that the maintainer prefers to be CC-ed on patches
and related discussions.
Project Leader
Michael Niedermayer
final design decisions
ffmpeg.c Michael Niedermayer
ffplay.c Marton Balint
ffprobe.c Stefano Sabatini
ffserver.c, ffserver.h Baptiste Coudurier
Commandline utility code:
cmdutils.c, cmdutils.h Michael Niedermayer
QuickTime faststart:
tools/qt-faststart.c Baptiste Coudurier
Miscellaneous Areas
documentation Mike Melanson
website Robert Swain, Lou Logan
build system (configure,Makefiles) Diego Biurrun, Mans Rullgard
project server Árpád Gereöffy, Michael Niedermayer, Reimar Döffinger
mailinglists Michael Niedermayer, Baptiste Coudurier, Lou Logan
presets Robert Swain
metadata subsystem Aurelien Jacobs
release management Michael Niedermayer
External Interfaces:
libavutil/avutil.h Michael Niedermayer
Internal Interfaces:
libavutil/common.h Michael Niedermayer
intfloat* Michael Niedermayer
rational.c, rational.h Michael Niedermayer
mathematics.c, mathematics.h Michael Niedermayer
integer.c, integer.h Michael Niedermayer
Generic Parts:
External Interfaces:
avcodec.h Michael Niedermayer
utility code:
utils.c Michael Niedermayer
mem.c Michael Niedermayer
opt.c, opt.h Michael Niedermayer
arithmetic expression evaluator:
eval.c Michael Niedermayer
audio and video frame extraction:
parser.c Michael Niedermayer
bitstream reading:
bitstream.c, bitstream.h Michael Niedermayer
cabac.h, cabac.c Michael Niedermayer
codec names: Nicolas George
DSP utilities:
dsputils.c, dsputils.h Michael Niedermayer
entropy coding:
rangecoder.c, rangecoder.h Michael Niedermayer
lzw.* Michael Niedermayer
floating point AAN DCT:
faandct.c, faandct.h Michael Niedermayer
Golomb coding:
golomb.c, golomb.h Michael Niedermayer
lpc.c, lpc.h Justin Ruggles
motion estimation:
motion* Michael Niedermayer
rate control:
ratecontrol.c Michael Niedermayer
libxvid_rc.c Michael Niedermayer
simple IDCT:
simple_idct.c, simple_idct.h Michael Niedermayer
libpostproc/* Michael Niedermayer
table generation:
tableprint.c, tableprint.h Reimar Doeffinger
4xm.c Michael Niedermayer
8bps.c Roberto Togni
8svx.c Jaikrishnan Menon
aasc.c Kostya Shishkov
ac3* Justin Ruggles
alacenc.c Jaikrishnan Menon
alsdec.c Thilo Borgmann
apedec.c Kostya Shishkov
ass* Aurelien Jacobs
asv* Michael Niedermayer
atrac3* Benjamin Larsson
bgmc.c, bgmc.h Thilo Borgmann
bink.c Kostya Shishkov
binkaudio.c Peter Ross
bmp.c Mans Rullgard, Kostya Shishkov
cavs* Stefan Gehrer
celp_filters.* Vitor Sessak
cinepak.c Roberto Togni
cljr Alex Beregszaszi
cllc.c Derek Buitenhuis
cook.c, cookdata.h Benjamin Larsson
cpia.c Stephan Hilb
crystalhd.c Philip Langdale
cscd.c Reimar Doeffinger
dca.c Kostya Shishkov, Benjamin Larsson
dnxhd* Baptiste Coudurier
dpcm.c Mike Melanson
dxa.c Kostya Shishkov
dv.c Roman Shaposhnik
eacmv*, eaidct*, eat* Peter Ross
ffv1.c Michael Niedermayer
ffwavesynth.c Nicolas George
flac* Justin Ruggles
flashsv* Benjamin Larsson
flicvideo.c Mike Melanson
g722.c Martin Storsjo
g726.c Roman Shaposhnik
gifdec.c Baptiste Coudurier
h264* Loren Merritt, Michael Niedermayer
h261* Michael Niedermayer
h263* Michael Niedermayer
huffyuv.c Michael Niedermayer
idcinvideo.c Mike Melanson
imc* Benjamin Larsson
indeo2* Kostya Shishkov
indeo5* Kostya Shishkov
interplayvideo.c Mike Melanson
ivi* Kostya Shishkov
jacosub* Clément Bœsch
jpeg_ls.c Kostya Shishkov
jvdec.c Peter Ross
kmvc.c Kostya Shishkov
lcl*.c Roberto Togni, Reimar Doeffinger
libcelt_dec.c Nicolas George
libgsm.c Michel Bardiaux
libdirac* David Conrad
libopenjpeg.c Jaikrishnan Menon
libopenjpegenc.c Michael Bradshaw
libschroedinger* David Conrad
libspeexdec.c Justin Ruggles
libtheoraenc.c David Conrad
libutvideo* Derek Buitenhuis
libvorbis.c David Conrad
libxavs.c Stefan Gehrer
libx264.c Mans Rullgard, Jason Garrett-Glaser
loco.c Kostya Shishkov
lzo.h, lzo.c Reimar Doeffinger
mdec.c Michael Niedermayer
mimic.c Ramiro Polla
mjpeg.c Michael Niedermayer
mlp* Ramiro Polla
mmvideo.c Peter Ross
mpc* Kostya Shishkov
mpeg12.c, mpeg12data.h Michael Niedermayer
mpegvideo.c, mpegvideo.h Michael Niedermayer
msmpeg4.c, msmpeg4data.h Michael Niedermayer
msrle.c Mike Melanson
msvideo1.c Mike Melanson
nellymoserdec.c Benjamin Larsson
nuv.c Reimar Doeffinger
pcx.c Ivo van Poorten
pgssubdec.c Reimar Doeffinger
ptx.c Ivo van Poorten
qcelp* Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet
qdm2.c, qdm2data.h Roberto Togni, Benjamin Larsson
qdrw.c Kostya Shishkov
qpeg.c Kostya Shishkov
qtrle.c Mike Melanson
ra144.c, ra144.h, ra288.c, ra288.h Roberto Togni
resample2.c Michael Niedermayer
rl2.c Sascha Sommer
rpza.c Roberto Togni
rtjpeg.c, rtjpeg.h Reimar Doeffinger
rv10.c Michael Niedermayer
rv3* Kostya Shishkov
rv4* Kostya Shishkov
s3tc* Ivo van Poorten
smacker.c Kostya Shishkov
smc.c Mike Melanson
snow.c Michael Niedermayer, Loren Merritt
sonic.c Alex Beregszaszi
srt* Aurelien Jacobs
sunrast.c Ivo van Poorten
svq3.c Michael Niedermayer
targa.c Kostya Shishkov
tiff.c Kostya Shishkov
truemotion1* Mike Melanson
truemotion2* Kostya Shishkov
truespeech.c Kostya Shishkov
tscc.c Kostya Shishkov
tta.c Alex Beregszaszi, Jaikrishnan Menon
txd.c Ivo van Poorten
ulti* Kostya Shishkov
v410*.c Derek Buitenhuis
vb.c Kostya Shishkov
vble.c Derek Buitenhuis
vc1* Kostya Shishkov
vcr1.c Michael Niedermayer
vda_h264_dec.c Xidorn Quan
vmnc.c Kostya Shishkov
vorbis_enc.c Oded Shimon
vorbis_dec.c Denes Balatoni, David Conrad
vp3* Mike Melanson
vp5 Aurelien Jacobs
vp6 Aurelien Jacobs
vp8 David Conrad, Jason Garrett-Glaser, Ronald Bultje
vqavideo.c Mike Melanson
wavpack.c Kostya Shishkov
wmaprodec.c Sascha Sommer
wmavoice.c Ronald S. Bultje
wmv2.c Michael Niedermayer
wnv1.c Kostya Shishkov
xan.c Mike Melanson
xl.c Kostya Shishkov
xvmc.c Ivan Kalvachev
zerocodec.c Derek Buitenhuis
zmbv* Kostya Shishkov
Hardware acceleration:
crystalhd.c Philip Langdale
dxva2* Laurent Aimar
libstagefright.cpp Mohamed Naufal
vaapi* Gwenole Beauchesne
vda* Sebastien Zwickert
vdpau* Carl Eugen Hoyos
External Interface:
iec61883.c Georg Lippitsch
libdc1394.c Roman Shaposhnik
v4l2.c Luca Abeni
vfwcap.c Ramiro Polla
Generic parts:
graphdump.c Nicolas George
af_amerge.c Nicolas George
af_astreamsync.c Nicolas George
af_atempo.c Pavel Koshevoy
af_pan.c Nicolas George
vf_yadif.c Michael Niedermayer
vsrc_mandelbrot.c Michael Niedermayer
Generic parts:
External Interface:
libavformat/avformat.h Michael Niedermayer
Utility Code:
libavformat/utils.c Michael Niedermayer
4xm.c Mike Melanson
adtsenc.c Robert Swain
aiff.c Baptiste Coudurier
ape.c Kostya Shishkov
ass* Aurelien Jacobs
avi* Michael Niedermayer
bink.c Peter Ross
caf* Peter Ross
crc.c Michael Niedermayer
daud.c Reimar Doeffinger
dv.c Roman Shaposhnik
dxa.c Kostya Shishkov
electronicarts.c Peter Ross
ffm* Baptiste Coudurier
flac* Justin Ruggles
flic.c Mike Melanson
flvdec.c, flvenc.c Michael Niedermayer
gxf.c Reimar Doeffinger
gxfenc.c Baptiste Coudurier
idcin.c Mike Melanson
idroqdec.c Mike Melanson
iff.c Jaikrishnan Menon
ipmovie.c Mike Melanson
img2.c Michael Niedermayer
iss.c Stefan Gehrer
jacosub* Clément Bœsch
jvdec.c Peter Ross
libmodplug.c Clément Bœsch
libnut.c Oded Shimon
lmlm4.c Ivo van Poorten
lxfdec.c Tomas Härdin
matroska.c Aurelien Jacobs
matroskadec.c Aurelien Jacobs
matroskaenc.c David Conrad
metadata* Aurelien Jacobs
microdvd* Aurelien Jacobs
mm.c Peter Ross
mov.c Michael Niedermayer, Baptiste Coudurier
movenc.c Michael Niedermayer, Baptiste Coudurier
mpc.c Kostya Shishkov
mpeg.c Michael Niedermayer
mpegenc.c Michael Niedermayer
mpegts* Baptiste Coudurier
msnwc_tcp.c Ramiro Polla
mtv.c Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet
mxf* Baptiste Coudurier
mxfdec.c Tomas Härdin
nsvdec.c Francois Revol
nut.c Michael Niedermayer
nuv.c Reimar Doeffinger
oggdec.c, oggdec.h David Conrad
oggenc.c Baptiste Coudurier
oggparse*.c David Conrad
oma.c Maxim Poliakovski
psxstr.c Mike Melanson
pva.c Ivo van Poorten
r3d.c Baptiste Coudurier
raw.c Michael Niedermayer
rdt.c Ronald S. Bultje
rl2.c Sascha Sommer
rmdec.c, rmenc.c Ronald S. Bultje, Kostya Shishkov
rtmp* Kostya Shishkov
rtp.c, rtpenc.c Martin Storsjo
rtpdec_asf.* Ronald S. Bultje
rtpenc_mpv.*, rtpenc_aac.* Martin Storsjo
rtsp.c Luca Barbato
sbgdec.c Nicolas George
sdp.c Martin Storsjo
segafilm.c Mike Melanson
siff.c Kostya Shishkov
smacker.c Kostya Shishkov
srtdec.c Aurelien Jacobs
swf.c Baptiste Coudurier
tta.c Alex Beregszaszi
txd.c Ivo van Poorten
voc.c Aurelien Jacobs
wav.c Michael Niedermayer
wc3movie.c Mike Melanson
westwood.c Mike Melanson
wtv.c Peter Ross
wv.c Kostya Shishkov
bluray.c Petri Hintukainen
http.c Ronald S. Bultje
mms*.c Ronald S. Bultje
udp.c Luca Abeni
Operating systems / CPU architectures
Alpha Mans Rullgard, Falk Hueffner
ARM Mans Rullgard
AVR32 Mans Rullgard
MIPS Mans Rullgard
Mac OS X / PowerPC Romain Dolbeau, Guillaume Poirier
Amiga / PowerPC Colin Ward
Linux / PowerPC Luca Barbato
Windows MinGW Alex Beregszaszi, Ramiro Polla
Windows Cygwin Victor Paesa
ADI/Blackfin DSP Marc Hoffman
Sparc Roman Shaposhnik
x86 Michael Niedermayer
1.0 Michael Niedermayer
0.11 Michael Niedermayer
0.10 Michael Niedermayer
GnuPG Fingerprints of maintainers and contributors
Anssi Hannula 1A92 FF42 2DD9 8D2E 8AF7 65A9 4278 C520 513D F3CB
Anton Khirnov 6D0C 6625 56F8 65D1 E5F5 814B B50A 1241 C067 07AB
Attila Kinali 11F0 F9A6 A1D2 11F6 C745 D10C 6520 BCDD F2DF E765
Baptiste Coudurier 8D77 134D 20CC 9220 201F C5DB 0AC9 325C 5C1A BAAA
Ben Littler 3EE3 3723 E560 3214 A8CD 4DEB 2CDB FCE7 768C 8D2C
Benoit Fouet B22A 4F4F 43EF 636B BB66 FCDC 0023 AE1E 2985 49C8
Bœsch Clément 52D0 3A82 D445 F194 DB8B 2B16 87EE 2CB8 F4B8 FCF9
Daniel Verkamp 78A6 07ED 782C 653E C628 B8B9 F0EB 8DD8 2F0E 21C7
Diego Biurrun 8227 1E31 B6D9 4994 7427 E220 9CAE D6CC 4757 FCC5
Gwenole Beauchesne 2E63 B3A6 3E44 37E2 017D 2704 53C7 6266 B153 99C4
Jaikrishnan Menon 61A1 F09F 01C9 2D45 78E1 C862 25DC 8831 AF70 D368
Justin Ruggles 3136 ECC0 C10D 6C04 5F43 CA29 FCBE CD2A 3787 1EBF
Loren Merritt ABD9 08F4 C920 3F65 D8BE 35D7 1540 DAA7 060F 56DE
Lou Logan 7D68 DC73 CBEF EABB 671A B6CF 621C 2E28 82F8 DC3A
Luca Barbato 6677 4209 213C 8843 5B67 29E7 E84C 78C2 84E9 0E34
Michael Niedermayer 9FF2 128B 147E F673 0BAD F133 611E C787 040B 0FAB
Nicolas George 24CE 01CE 9ACC 5CEB 74D8 8D9D B063 D997 36E5 4C93
Panagiotis Issaris 6571 13A3 33D9 3726 F728 AA98 F643 B12E ECF3 E029
Peter Ross A907 E02F A6E5 0CD2 34CD 20D2 6760 79C5 AC40 DD6B
Reimar Döffinger C61D 16E5 9E2C D10C 8958 38A4 0899 A2B9 06D4 D9C7
Reinhard Tartler 9300 5DC2 7E87 6C37 ED7B CA9A 9808 3544 9453 48A4
Reynaldo H. Verdejo Pinochet 6E27 CD34 170C C78E 4D4F 5F40 C18E 077F 3114 452A
Robert Swain EE7A 56EA 4A81 A7B5 2001 A521 67FA 362D A2FC 3E71
Sascha Sommer 38A0 F88B 868E 9D3A 97D4 D6A0 E823 706F 1E07 0D3C
Stefano Sabatini 9A43 10F8 D32C D33C 48E7 C52C 5DF2 8E4D B2EE 066B
Stephan Hilb 4F38 0B3A 5F39 B99B F505 E562 8D5C 5554 4E17 8863
Tomas Härdin D133 29CA 4EEC 9DB4 7076 F697 B04B 7403 3313 41FD
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