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NDIS miniport driver wrapper for FreeBSD
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How to use:

Make sure that you use recent FreeBSD STABLE kernel and world.
FreeBSD source tree must be available in /usr/src.

To build and install new NDISulator you will need to login as root and run:

# make attach

This will attach NDISulator code on top of /usr/src. Now you just follow
usual procedure for installing new kernel & world, or just run:

# make build

To build NDISulator files. And to install NDISulator files, run as root:

# make install

Now and only now you can use installed ndisgen(8) to generate miniport
modules. Using new ndisgen(8) with old source code or vice versa will not work.

To clean files run:

# make clean

When you are done, run as root:

# make detach

This will detach NDISulator code from /usr/src.
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