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qTip2 - Pretty powerful tooltips

Introducing… qTip2. The second generation of the advanced qTip plugin for the ever popular jQuery framework.

Building on 1.0's user friendly, yet feature rich base, qTip2 provides you with tonnes of features like speech bubble tips and imagemap support, and best of all... it's completely free under the MIT/GPLv2 licenses!

More documentation and information is available at the official site.

Browser support

8+       3+       6+       9+       2+, iOS 4+

Getting qTip2

Stable releases

You can grab the latest stable releases from the download page of the official site. This also lets you choose what plugins you'd like included in your download, as well as other things.

Bleeding edge

You can grab the latest and greatest qTip2 nightly from the dist directory and get started quickly. Download the production version or the development version.

Custom builds

You can also build your own qTip2 script that includes select plugins and styles to reduce the overall file size and remove features you don't plan on using. Find more information about this here


Take a look at the documentation table of contents for extensive docs and guides.

Release History

(Nothing yet)

Questions or problems?

If you have any questions, please feel free to post on the support forums, but before you do make sure to check out the thorough documentation both here in the repo and on the official site.


Copyright (c) 2012 Craig Michael Thompson. Licensed under the MIT, GPL licenses. See here for more details.

Special thanks

Big shout-out to "Cowboy" Ben Alman for providing the grunt build system used by qTip2