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Legacy Game Commandline Installer

Legaci is a CLI application to extract and install legacy games on Linux and Mac.

Why did I build this tool?

Well there are a lot of awesome old DOS games that can be played using DOSBox and ScummVM. I have a full library of DOS games on, unfortunately you are not able to play these games out of the box. Some games have a Linux installer but most of them only have a Windows or Mac installer. There are some amazing tools available to install these games for you like Lutris. The problem I have with Lutris is that it is amazing with newer games, but these really old DOS games do not have installation scripts or scripts are not working. I have spent some evenings to create installation scripts for Lutris, but it takes some time before scripts are approved if it happens at all. So with that in mind I thought just install the games manually and extract the windows installers with Innoextract or Wine.

This process worked for me, but it would be nice if there is an easy way for installing old DOS games on my favorite platform and that other people can enjoy the same. When I read an article about Boxtron on I was inspired to try that tool out on my DOS games on Steam. I really liked how it was working, but the only downside was that it can only be used together with Steam.

I like to put all my games in Lutris and use that as a launcher and sometimes I just want to run it from the command line. Then I thought "I can do what Boxtron is doing and take a more generic approach" so that is when Legaci was born.

The first step is to just support installing windows installers for DOS games, but I will add support for MacOs installers from, Steam and other zip files.

If you like installing you stuff using a command line or just want an easy way of installing and playing your old DOS games then this is your tool. If not take a look at these awesome projects:

If you are into some old DOS games you can buy and take a look at Steam or


Legaci has the following dependencies to work:


Supported features

For now this project is a work in progress. For now it's possible to install GOG Dosbox and ScummVM games. Legaci will try to copy the configuration from the GOG package if there is no configuration available in this repository. It's also possible to install DOS or ScummVM games that are compressed with zip.

Supported games with Legaci configuration


  • Tyrian 2000 (id: tyrian-2000)


  • Beneath a steel sky (id: beneath-a-steel-sky)


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