Simple horizontal slider which grows up the current box when it's in focus (image, title & text) and back down when it's not in focus.
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MoxingBoxes jQuery Plugin


(Only the most recent changes are shown below, see the wiki page for a complete listing)

Version 2.2.15 (4/23/2012)

  • The initAnimation option should again prevent the initial animation. Fix for issue #79.

Version 2.2.14 (3/22/2012)

  • Modified hashTags option and internal change function to now accept jquery id or class selectors:
    • Call it as follows: $('#slider').data('movingBoxes').change('#astronaut');
    • Link to main demo slide:
    • On page load, hash tags will now set the initial slide and ignore the hashTag option setting. Previously it would ignore all hash tags if the option was false.
  • Animation stops have been modified to now complete the animation instead of jumping to the end. This will smooth out the animation and resolve issue #73.

Version 2.2.13 (3/2/2012)

  • Added stopAnimation option.
  • If false, movingBoxes will continue to behave as it always has. Any attempt to navigation using arrows or the navigation panel will be ignored until the animation has completed.
  • When true, movingBoxes will force the animation to complete immediately, if the user selects the next panel.
  • This will speed up the animation between panels, but the slider will jump to the next slide instead of smoothly animating.
  • Setting this to true appears to work nicely when adding navigation using a mousewheel.

Version 2.2.12 (3/2/2012)

  • Added callbacks to the goForward() and goBack() internal functions. Previously only the change() function had a callback option. Use it as follows:

    var mb = $('#slider').data('movingBoxes');
    // change needs a panel number: mb.change(2, callback);
    // mb.goForward(callback) or mb.goBack(callback)
       // do something after MovingBoxes has finished the animation
  • Modified the internal change function:

  • Multiple calls to it in rapid succession will no longer break the appearance of the slider.

  • Changed to make this mousewheel demo would work properly.

  • In response to issue #71.

Version 2.2.11 (2/28/2012)

  • Fixed cloned panels getting labeled with the "current" class. This will fix issue #67.

Version 2.2.10 (2/28/2012)

  • Fixed navFormatter
  • I copied the code from AnythingSlider which has its option named "navigationFormatter", not "navFormatter". That'll teach me for not testing!
  • Fixed the index since it was sending the navFormatter a zero-based index instead of the expected one-based index.

Version 2.2.9 (2/27/2012)

  • Added preinit callback/event
    • This event is triggered after the basic MovingBoxes structure has been established
    • It occurs before the initialized event.
    • Using this event allow for modifying the struction without any initialization delay.
    • See issue #68 on how use this event to add inline navigation arrows.
  • Modified the navigationFormatter option:
    • Navigation links are now wrapped by a span with a class of "mb-links".
    • The contents within the wrapper are removed and updated every time MovingBoxes gets updated.
    • The wrapper was added to allow prepending and appending navigation arrows, see issue #68.
    • You can now apply attributes directly to the navigation link as well as modifying the contents; this allows for adding tooltip titles or other data attributes.
    • Please refer to the documentation for more details.

Version 2.2.8 (2/22/2012)

  • Clicking on side panels should not follow the link. A better fix for issue #67.

Version 2.2.7 (2/21/2012)

  • Clicking on the side panels that are completely wrapped in a link should no longer open that link. Attempt to fix issue #67.

Version 2.2.6 (2/21/2012)

  • Clicking on panels to switch will now trigger callbacks. Fix for issue #66.

Version 2.2.5 (1/13/2012)

  • Fixed a problem with multiple initializations.
  • Remove the name attribute from inputs in cloned panels.