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require 'rubygems'
require 'hoe'
require 'fileutils'
require './lib/install_theme'
Hoe.plugin :newgem
Hoe.plugin :git
# Generate all the Rake tasks
# Run 'rake -T' to see list of generated tasks (from gem root directory)
$hoe = Hoe.spec 'install_theme' do
developer 'Dr Nic Williams', ''
self.rubyforge_name = "drnicutilities"
extra_deps << ['hpricot','>= 0.8.1']
extra_deps << ['rubigen','>= 1.5.2']
extra_dev_deps << ['drnic-haml', '>= 2.3.0']
require 'newgem/tasks'
Dir['tasks/**/*.rake'].each { |t| load t }
# TODO - want other tests/tasks run by default? Add them to the list
remove_task :default
task :default => [:spec]
task :release do
sh "gem push pkg/#{$}-#{$hoe.version}.gem"