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  • Refactored instance currency implementation. Now, instance currency is permitted to override the field currency, if they are both non-nil values. (GH-23)
  • Replaced deprecated composed_of with a custom implementation for activerecord. (GH-20)
  • Refactored testing structure to support multiple ORMs/ODMS.
  • Added Mongoid 2.x basic support. It uses serialization (a differrent approach than activerecord for now). (GH-19)


  • Provide ActionView helpers integration.
  • Map blank value assignments (for monetized fields) to nil.
  • Allow nil values for monetized fields. (GH-15)
  • Reworked support for ORM adaptation. (GH-16)


  • Fix bug with string assignment to monetized field. (GH-11)


  • Add support for model-wise currency.
  • Fix conversion of monetized attribute value, whether a currency table column exists or not.
  • Add configuration options for currency exchange (config.add_rate, config.default_bank)


  • Add new generator to install money.rb initializer
  • Create a structure to enable better ORM/ODM integration
  • Add configuration for numericality validation of monetized fields
  • Add support for custom currency registration


  • Use better names for args :target_name, :field_currency, :model_currency. From now on, :as, :with_currency and :with_model_currency should be used instead of the old ones which are deprecated. (GH-6)


  • Hello World