A set of string resources commonly used by Windows Phone applications, localized into all languages supported by the platform.
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PhoneCommonStrings intends to jumpstart localized Windows Phone projects by providing common strings, used by many Windows Phone applications, pre-localized into all languages supported by the platform.


First, add via NuGet (PhoneCommonStrings) or clone/build and add a reference to PhoneCommonStrings.dll

Then configure your project with the locales of the languages you want to use as described in How to: Build a Localized Application for Windows Phone on MSDN.

Then add the supplied accessor to Application.Resources in App.xaml:


		<pcs:CommonStringsAccessor x:Key="PhoneCommonStrings" />

And bind to strings as needed:

<Button Content="{Binding AboutPage.SendFeedbackAction, {StaticResource PhoneCommonStrings}}" />

NOTE: BindableApplicationBar is recommended for localized application bar content

Alternatively, you can reference strings directly:

SomeButton.Text = PhoneCommonStrings.Actions.AddAction;


Strings are available in several categories, including: actions, statuses, theme colors, settings page and about page.

For more information, see Strings or clone the repo and run the sample application.

Translations are obtained from credible sources used elsewhere on the phone (not machine translations). For individual string source details, see Sources


PhoneCommonStrings is provided under the MIT license, which allows use for any purpose (including commercial projects).


Contributions are happily accepted. Please refer to the wiki for more information.