Reactive Operators

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Use this page to find the raix.reactive operator you are looking for. For raix.interactive, see the livedocs.

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(Users of Rx or RxJs might be interested in the API differences)

I want to create a new sequence that returns a value and completes value
multiple times repeatValue
that never does anything never
that throws an error error
that immediately completes completes empty
based on an event fromEvent
that indicates an error fromErrorEvent
based on a number of events fromEvents
that indicate an error fromErrorEvents
that calls a function with no arguments start
with arguments that will be determined later toAsync
that emits values on a timer interval
that iterates over the values in an array fromArray
over values in a numeric range range
using custom logic generate
that requests HTTP content that is XML xml
that responds differently to different combinations of events when
using custom logic create
decided at subscribe-time based on a boolean condition ifElse
from a pre-set set of sequences lookup
using custom logic defer
Using an existing sequence After a period of inactivity I want to error timeout
I want to switch to another sequence timeout
I want ensure there is only one value and error if there are no values or more than one single
and use the default value if there are no values singleOrDefault
I want to batch the values based on time bufferWithTime
based on time or count, whichever happens first bufferWithTimeOrCount
in batches of a particular size bufferWithCount
until the sequence completes toArray
using custom logic and values can be in multiple batches multiWindow
and values can only be in one batch window
I want to be notified of messages without affecting them peek
I want to change its values map
I want to change the scheduler that routes calls to subscribe subscribeOn
messages observeOn
I want to combine it with another And be notified when both have completed forkJoin (inst)
I want to delay messages by a specific amount of time delay
I want to enforce that all values are a specific type cast
I want to group its values based on a key until the sequence completes groupBy
and control the lifetime of a group groupByUntil
I want to hide it’s implementation asObservable
I want to know how many values it contains count
I want to know if a condition is satisfied By all of it’s values all
By any of it’s values any
I want to know if it contains a value contains
I want to log information about it’s values log
I want to only include values based on custom logic filter
of a specific type ofClass
from the start of the sequence take
based on custom logic takeWhile
from the end of the sequence takeLast
until another sequence emits a value takeUntil
I want to only take the first value and error if there are no values first
and use the default value if there are no values firstOrDefault
within a time period sample
I want to only take the last value and error if there are no values last
and use the default value if there are no values lastOrDefault
I want to perform a calculation on its values a sum sum
an average average
using custom logic and only output the final value reduce
and output the values as they are calculated scan
I want to perform complex operations without breaking the fluent calls let
I want to replay the values to future subscribers replay
I want to share a subscription between multiple subscribers and suppy the last value to future subscribers prune
using a specific subject implementation multicast
I want to skip values altogether ignoreValues
from the start of the sequence skip
based on custom logic skipWhile
from the end of the sequence skipLast
that have the same value as the previous distinctUntilChanged
until another sequence emits a value skipUntil
that occur too frequently throttle
I want to start a new sequence for each value and include the values from those sequences as they arrive mapMany
but limit the number of concurrent sequences mergeMany
and recursively start a new sequence for each of the new values expand
and subscribe to them only when the previous one completes concatMany
and take the values through an asynchronous workflow chain
and cancel the previous sequence when a new value arrives switchMany
I want to wrap it with metadata that describes the message materialize
that includes the time past since the last value timeInterval
that includes a timestamp timestamp
when an error occurs I want to re-subscribe retry
I want to start a new sequence catchError
that depends on the error catchErrorDefer
when it completes I want to re-subscribe repeat
I want to start a new sequence concat
when it completes or errors I want to start a new sequence onErrorResumeNext
when it completes, errors or unsubscribes I want to execute a function finallyAction
Using two sequences I want to decide which to receive values from based on which one has values first amb
I want to determine if their values are equal sequenceEqual
I want to combine their values in order reusing the latest value when unchanged combineLatest
using each value only once zip
that share overlapping “lifetime” that I choose and be notified for each combination join
and be given a sequence of “rights” for each “left” groupJoin
I want to include values from both merge
I want to combine multiple sequences And be notified when all have completed forkJoin
by outputting the values of all of them merge
by subscribing to each in order regardless of whether the previous completes or errors onErrorResumeNext
when the previous completes concat
when the previous errors catchErrors
by responding to different combinations of values (join calculus) when