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ErlGuten is a system for high-quality typesetting, written purely in Erlang. This is the canonical repository, representing the latest official release, now under the MIT license. (The link below points to the old, outdated project page.)
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1) Install with make

2) Try the command

   make test

   This compiles test/eg_test1.erl, ... test/eg_test7.erl and runs them to
   generate test/eg_test1.pdf, ... test/eg_test7.pdf. See these modules
   for examples of how to use erlguten from an Erlang program.

   Note: The main module 'erlguten.erl' was intended as a batch interface,
   using xml files as input (see test/test1.xml), but it never reached a stable
   state and is not fit for use. The shell wrapper script 'erlguten' expects to
   use this interface, but doesn't in fact work. Contributions are welcome.
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