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= Beagle Bone Custom OS and Loader

== Introduction

This code is for working witht the Beagle Bone. It is for running a
custom OS on the beagle bone.

== Instructions

First bootstrap your system to 

  rake bootstrap

Next plug in your beagle bone to the serial port. Now execute

  rake run

Next hit the reset switch on your beagle bone. This will build the
kernel and run a program called serial that will load the kernel and
then execute it.

The serial program outputs it's interactions over the USB serial port.
You should see it end with

  ## Starting application at 0x82000000 ...

Congratulations, you just executed your first custom OS level program on
the beagle bone.

== Resources

  - You can look in the notes.txt for a development log.
  - Manual instructions for loading an OS:
  - Beagle Bone getting started