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# Build script for Steve
if [ X"$1" = X"linkInstall" ]; then
rm -rf $INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/io $INSTALL_PREFIX/bin/io
for i in $PWD/build/_build/dll/*; do ln -s $i $INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/`basename $i`; done
mkdir $INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/io
ln -s $PWD/addons $INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/io/
elif [ X"$1" = X"install" ]; then
cd build
make install
elif [ X"$1" = X"help" ]; then
echo "Io build and installation"
echo "Usage: $0 [help|install|linkInstall|clean]"
echo -e "help\n\tThis message"
echo -e "install\n\tInstalls Io (must have built it first)"
echo -e "linkInstall\n\tLike above, but creates links into this hierarchy"
echo -e "clean\n\tRemoves all build files. This will break a linkInstall."
echo -e "Any other arguments, or lack thereof will build Io."
elif [ X"$1" = X"clean" ]; then
[ -d build ] && rm -rf build || echo "Nothing to clean."
mkdir -p build
cd build
make all