PredictionIO Magento 2 Module for offering Personalised Products to the end user
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Personalised Products for Magento 2

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Personalised Products is a Magento 2 module that will serve realtime predicted suggestions for product upsells on the product page and complimentary suggestions for cross sells on the basket page. All powered by PredictionIO.

Using the two individual prediction engines the module will serve accurate and popular products to the customers based on the viewing and buying actions of other users.

Looking for the Magento 1.x version?

Similar-Products was the original PredictionIO Magento module however it's was designed around an older version of PredictionIO and will not work with the latest. Magento Hackathon has forked it and done some work with PredictionIO v0.8 You can have a look at that version here



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