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The ApproxyClock is one of my machines that uses Arduino. It is a clock that gives the correct time, but humand can only approximately estimate it.

All the files you need:

You can also read the FAQ.


Ordered from new to old

2015-04-08: Start with PCB

ApproxyClock PCB 2015-04-08 ApproxyClock PCB 2015-04-08

2015-04-06: Wrapped a paper casing around it:

ApproxyClock 2015-04-06

2015-04-06: Added an extra cut-out

ApproxyClock 2015-04-06

2015-03-29: Assembled version

ApproxyClock 2015-03-29

2015-03-29: Peek into inside before assemblage

ApproxyClock 2015-03-29 ApproxyClock 2015-03-29

2015-03-22: Prototype 3: Added touch sensors

ApproxyClock prototype for 2015-03-22

2015-03-22: Prototype 2: Added rainbow time

ApproxyClock prototype for 2015-03-22

2015-03-21: Prototype 1

ApproxyClock prototype for 2015-03-21


Clock that gives correct time, that can only be approximated




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