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City Of Thieves

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City Of Thieves is a text adventure game after the English gamebook with the same name by Ian Livingstone.

Console version Desktop version Nintendo DS version Nintendo DS version on emulator


How to install devkitPro and libnds?


  • sudo ./build_libnds_32: when your computer is 32 bit
  • sudo ./build_libnds_64: when your computer is 64 bit

Add to ~/bashrc:

export DEVKITPRO=/opt/devkitpro

Restart the terminal for these exports to have an effect

Then, in the CityOfThieves folder:



  • Console version: ./build_console, then ./Console/CityOfThievesConsole
  • Desktop version: ./build_desktop, then ./Desktop/CityOfThievesDesktop
  • Nintendo DS version: ./build_nds, then desmume ./Nds/CityOfThieves.nds
  • Crosscompile to Windows: ./

I want to help!


There is need for some testing and spelling corrections. Create a new Issue or email @richelbilderbeek.

What are all those files in the folder Files?

The .txt files contain the story of 'City Of Thieves'. These are converted to C++ headers and source files by the scripts. This was needed, because NitroFS (as part of libnds, as part of DevKitPro) does not support a filesystem on the NDS hardware.

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