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Tank game, written in Processing.

ProtonTank v1.0

You can play the game at the ProtonTank page of richelbilderbeek his GitHub pages.


ProtonTank ('Processing Team Operation Tank') is a four-player game, in which a duo controls a tank and has to shoot the opponent tank.

Controlling a tank is done as a team, as each player controls a wheel and the cannon. The tank will fire if both players want to fire and there is no bullet in the arena.


Player 1 (left wheel of red tank):

  • q: move forward
  • a: shoot
  • z: move backward

Player 2 (right wheel of red tank):

  • u: move forward
  • j: shoot
  • m: move backward

Player 3 (left wheel of blue tank):

  • r: move forward
  • f: shoot
  • v: move backward

Player 4 (right wheel of blue tank):

  • p: move forward
  • ;: shoot
  • /: move backward