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(C++) Graphics Cairo Cinder FLTK Qt

Graphics code snippets are code snippets for doing graphics.


Most VCL graphics code snippets can be found at the VCL graphics code snippets page.






  1. AddColoredNoise C++ Builder: add colored noise
  2. ASCII art STLQtC++ Builder: perform ASCII art
  3. Bleach C++ Builder: bleach an image (that is: make it whiter)
  4. ColorToRgb C++ Builder: convert a color struct to its RGB values
  5. ConvertToGrey C++ Builder: convert a colored image to a grey image
  6. Darken C++ Builder: darkens an image (that is: make it blacker
  7. DoFilterOperation C++ Builder: perform a filter operation ('convolution') on an image
  8. DoHistogramEqualization C++ Builder: perform a histogram equalization
  9. DrawGlobe QtC++ Builder: draw a globe
  10. DrawGlobeMinus C++ Builder: draw a globe with a minus on it
  11. DrawGlobePlus C++ Builder: draw a globe with a plus on it
  12. DrawLymphocyte C++ Builder: draw a lymphocyte
  13. DrawTextCentered C++ Builder: draw text centered on image
  14. EnhanceContrast C++ Builder: enhances the contrast of a grey image
  15. GetAverageGreyness: calculate the average greyness of an image
  16. GetFontHeight C++ Builder: get a font's height
  17. GetGreyness C++ Builder: get the greyness of one or more pixels
  18. GetImageHistogram C++ Builder: get a histogram of an image's grey intensities
  19. GetPixel C++ Builder: get the color of one or more pixels
  20. MakeScreenshot C++ Builder: make a screenshot and store it as a bitmap
  21. Paint QtC++ Builder: paint an image to a single color fast
  22. Pixelate C++ Builder: pixelate an image (that is: make it blockier)
  23. Rainbow C++ Builder: obtain a rainbow-like color gradient
  24. RemoveColor C++ Builder: remove a color
  25. RgbGradient C++ Builder: obtain an RGB gradient
  26. RgbToColor: convert RGB values to color struct
  27. Rotate C++ Builder: rotate an image
  28. SetGreyness C++ Builder: set a pixel's greyness
  29. SetPixel C++ Builder: set a pixel's color
  30. SurfacePlotterTImage C++ Builder: draw a surfacePlot
  31. ThresholdFilter C++ Builder: perform a threshold filter operation