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(C++) Lubuntu Lubuntu


Lubuntu is an operating system. Lubuntu is a light-weight variant of Ubuntu.







My Lubuntu programs


A list of my favorite programs:

  • Programming: qtcreator
  • Plaintext editing: gedit, vim
  • Documents: lyx
  • Spreadsheet: gnumeric
  • Audio CD ripping: audex
  • Web browsers: chromium-browser, firefox, lynx
  • ftp: gftp, ftp
  • SSH: putty
  • Touch typing: ktouch
  • Math practice: tuxmath
  • Misc: wine






My Lubuntu notes






Change mouse cursor speed


xset m 10 4


If at startup the mouse is slow again, put this command in /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart.






Building the latest version of Boost


Install an older version of Boost using Synaptic. Then download and extract the newest version. In the extracted folder, for example 'boost_1_46_1' use bjam:


./bootstrap ./bjam --build-dir=/tmp/build-boost toolset=gcc stage


./bootstrap sudo ./b2 --build-dir=/usr/local/lib/boost





Keyboard shortcuts


From '/home/my_user_name/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml':


SUPER-E: File manager SUPER-R: Run CTRL-ESCAPE: Menu CTRL-ALT-DEL: Task manager CTRL-ALT-T: Start Terminal CTRL-ALT-D: File manager






'I hear no sound' problem


Sure, there are multiple reasons. For me it was because of the front speaker (not the master) had its volume set to 0%. Use alsamixer: