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(C++) Newick

A Newick is a way to write down a phylogeny as a std::string. This page shows how to check this std::string and how to store a Newick more efficiently.

Because personally, I only work with Newicks in the form '(((A,B),(C,D)),E)', these algorithms will so as well.

Newick code snippets

  1. CalcComplexity
  2. CalcNumOfCombinations
  3. CalcNumOfSymmetries
  4. CheckNewick
  5. CreateInvalidNewicks
  6. CreateValidNewicks
  7. DumbNewickToString
  8. GetRootBranches
  9. GetSimplerNewicks
  10. InspectInvalidNewick
  11. IsBinaryNewick
  12. IsNewick
  13. NewickToString
  14. BinaryNewickVector
  15. StringToNewick

External links

  • Newick: a bundle of tested Newick functions