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On this page you can find the tools I have written (mostly in C++) and tools I use. Tools for entertainment purposes can be found at my games page.

Tools I have written

I have written all these tools in C++.

Download the executables and/or source code freely.

All my tools are licenced under GPL 3.0.



C++ Builder

Finished and working, but not maintained anymore.

Tools I have modified

These are tools that I experiment with, for example, getting it to compile under Qt Creator.

  • AutoMix: David Hastie's AutoMix compiled under Qt Creator

Tools I use(d)

  • C++ Builder: C++ IDE
  • Cygwin: UNIX-like environment, to, among others, port programs from Linux to Windows
  • Freeplane: mind mapping
  • gprof: C++ profiler
  • i686-pc-mingw32-qmake: cross-compile Qt Creator projects from Linux to Windows
  • LyX: WYSIWYM (the 'm' denotes 'mean') text processor (LyX homepage)
  • Maxima: computer algebra system
  • OpenFOAM: numerical solvers
  • Qt Creator: C++ IDE
  • Searchmonkey: file searching
  • Shiny: C++ profiler
  • SymbolicC++: computer algebra system
  • TEA Text Editor: text manipulation
  • valgrind: code analysis suite
  • VirtuaWin: multiple desktops
  • WINE: (not a) Windows emulator.
  • WinMerge: comparing and merging texts
  • wxMaxima: numerical mathematics
  • xdotool: send keys to windows


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