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Creating and running project made with RichFaces Forge addon


Creating project

  • start Forge, then from the Forge prompt do the following steps:

    • install RichFaces addon:

    • create project (see Forge documentation)

      • e.g. project-new --named richfaces-example --topLevelPackage org.richfaces.example --type war --finalName richfaces-example

    • then run following commands to install:

      • Servlet API: servlet-setup

      • JavaServer Faces: faces-setup

      • RichFaces 4.5.0: richfaces-setup

      • RichFaces facelet: richfaces-facelet

Build/Deploy the project

  • to build the example just run mvn package from the project root

  • then deploy the final richfaces-example.war on a JEE6 container (WildFly 8, JBoss EAP 6, etc.)

  • after deploying the example to your server open a browser and type 'http://localhost:8080/richfaces-example' to view the application. Note that the URL depends on the context on which your application server deployed the example application.