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Executing Tests

Tests need the device with Selenium server running. Just type into to command line:

$ mvn clean verify -P<container> -Dandroid.sdk.home=<directory>

Available Properties

  • android.sdk.home = <directory>
    • sets a directory where your installation of Android SDK is located
  • android.sdk.inpath
    • means the Android SDK binaries are in the PATH
  • android.sdk.sendkey.delay = <amount of time>
    • sets an amount of time in miliseconds which is used for delay after sending keys to Android SDK
  • context.root = <path>
    • context root where the tested application is running
  • context.path = <path>
    • context path to the tested application
  • showcase.layout = <common|mobile>
    • sets a showcase version
    • if the property is not set, the web driver type determines showcase version
  • = <blueSky|classic|deepMarine|emeraldTown|japanCherry|ruby|wine>
    • sets a skin which is used on the test pages
  • webdriver.element.tries = <number>
    • sets a number of tries which is used when an element is stale and tries to refresh its reference
  • = <full path>
    • sets a host which is used to control the active webdriver
  • webdriver.timeout = <timout in seconds>
    • sets an amount of time in seconds which is used for timeouts
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