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Generating Tested Applications

Firstly you need generate tested application. Go into apps folder:

  • ./ removes all generated applications
  • ./ generates simpleapp
  • ./ generates simpleapp and deploys it on Google App Engine and
  • ./ contains default version of RichFaces, version can be changed by setting the environment property RICHFACES_VERSION

Executing Tests

The tests are run the same way as tests in Metamer (see its README for more details):

$ mvn clean verify -P<profile> [-Dbrowser=<firefox|chrome|ie>]

E.g. on WildFly 10 with Chrome browser:

$ mvn clean verify -Pwildfly-managed-10-0 -Dbrowser=cr

Available Profiles

See profiles section in parent pom (richfaces-qa/pom.xml). All managed profiles are available with exception for the kitchensink application, where it cannot run on Tomcat (no internal DB).