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RichFaces Sandbox

Sandbox Components

The Sandbox repository is used for the incubation of new features, components and entirely new widget suites for the RichFaces framework.

Do you have an idea for a new component? Do you want to contribute and be involved in RichFaces? See:

Please take the time to read more about the Sandbox process. This document covers the most important steps you need to take before diving into code and contributing.

All feature requests, suggestions for improvement, and bugs are tracked in JBoss JIRA issue tracker

The best place to start with contributions is user forum.

Continuous Integration

Each commit and each pull request is verified by a continuous integration build.

Build Instructions


Building the Sandbox Components

You can build all the Sandbox component modules using Maven:

mvn clean install

Building Sandbox Showcase

After having built the individual Sandbox components (see the above), you can build the Sandbox Showcase and with following command:

mvn install -Pshowcase

Once built, the Sandbox Showcase is available at showcase-sandbox/target/showcase.war.