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'richfaces-showcase' is an application intended to show RichFaces components in action. It contains set of small use-cases implemented using RichFaces components.
Except basic samples - use-cases for demo choosen from most popular questions at user forums - so you will be able to find much useful information there and will be able
just to re-use some code to implement the same cases for your applications. 

1 Building and Running the application

1.1. Requirements

- Maven 2.1.0 or later
- Apache Tomcat 6.0
- JDK 1.6

1.2 Optional Additional Software
- Eclipse IDE + JBoss Tools (to explore and run the application in IDE).
- You're free to use any other IDE also but we haven't tested an application in other environments. 

1.3 Building the application

To build the project you need to navigate to the /examples/richfaces-showcase and run

mvn clean package

When you see the BUILD SUCCESSFUL message you can deploy the application on the server. You can deploy it on the server by copying .war file from 'target' folder to 
the TOMCAT_HOME/webapps folder. Then, launch the or startup.bat script from TOMCAT_HOME/bin/ directory to start the server.

In order to explore, run and deploy the application in Eclipse IDE you can use one of the following options:

	* Just import as maven project if using m2eclipse plugin.
	* without m2eclipse - build it with the

		 mvn clean install eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse 

	  comand and just import as existent project.

You can find more details in the RichFaces Getting Started Guide (visit documentation page at

2) Publishing to Google Application Engine
In M2 we completed resource plugin which generates static resources and that allow us to create Google App Engine compatible application using RichFaces.

just execute 
	* mvn clean package -Pgae -Denforcer.skip=true
(enforcer skipped as resource plugin using snapshot plugin)

And now you're ready to publish the application to GAE. just use appcfg as for any other one like described at google documentation. Do not forget to register your 
own application name and rename the demo application accordingly. 

more details about the resource plugin(it could be highly usefull not only in case of GAE usage but for general cases like serving resources at separate content systems) - 
will be published at our wiki and announced at RichFaces usage space. 

There are some additional changes were made in order to make richfaces-showcase GAE compatible:
	* WebConfiguration class from com.sun.faces were patched removing code which is not compatible with GAE
	* web.xml with additional properties for GAE created and placed at src\main\webapp-gae\WEB-INF\ (it replaces common one durinf build with GAE profile)
	* check pom.xml GAE profile section in order to check additional dependencies for that configuration.
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