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Example application showing mobile device UI options for RichFaces
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Use Twitter4J 2.2.5-SNAPSHOT to solve TFJ-632 (


A mobile web enabled RichFaces 4.0 application supporting features 
like device detection, CSS3 transitions, orientation support, and more. 

TweetStream Setup

- This application was made for JBoss AS 6 final.

- Configure twitter4j for API access
  - See instructions below

- Build using standard maven commands: mvn package

- Deploy to JBoss AS 6 and start the server
  - Copy /tweetstream/target/tweetstream.war to 
  - Remember to start with the "./ -b" 
     for access from other devices

- Access the application at http://localhost:8080/tweetstream
  - Or from other devices at http://your.ip:8080/tweetstream
    - May require firewall updated, etc..
Twitter4j Config
Everything is setup and configured for twitter4j except the API 
credentials.  We can not provide public credentials for accessing 
twitter API's via twitter4j.  This mean you will need to get and 
create your own credentials following the twitter4j and twitter 

This is really not too hard, but does require some effort.  Because 
these steps change from time to time you should see and for the details.

Once you have access to the values here: 


Update tweetstream/src/main/resources/ with these 
values.  From there you should be able to build and run the application.
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