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bib/studies.bib: Typo in Boucher-2012 entry

diversitree/man/mcmc.Rd: Clarify default priors.
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1 parent cd1f28c commit 3185d1657f0dc8b8e28d684b70400d1a742927f5 Rich FitzJohn committed Mar 28, 2012
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@@ -35,7 +35,9 @@ sampler.norm(lik, x.init, y.init, w, lower, upper, control)
\item{prior}{An optional prior probability distribution function.
This must be a function that returns the log prior probability,
given a parameter vector. See \code{\link{make.prior}} for more
- information.}
+ information. If no prior is given, unbounded (and therefore
+ \dQuote{improper}) priors are used for all parameters, which can
+ cause the MCMC to fail in some situations.}
\item{sampler}{Sampler to use for the MCMC. There are currently only
two implemented; \code{sampler.slice} (the default, and generally
@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ @Article{Bergmann-2012
author = {Florian C. Boucher and Wilfried Thuiller and
Cristina Roquet and Rolland Douzet and Serge Aubert
- and Nadir Alvarez4 and S{\'e}bastien Lavergne},
+ and Nadir Alvarez and S{\'e}bastien Lavergne},
title = {Reconstructing the origins of high-alpine niches and
cushion life form in the genus \textit{Androsace
s.l.} ({Primulaceae}) },

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