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Project #3 for Udacity Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree
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Arcade Game

This is the third project in my pursuit of the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree from Udacity. Following is Udacity's description for this project:

"You will learn JavaScript’s object-oriented programming features to write eloquently designed classes capable of creating countless instances of similarly functioning objects. You will discover a variety of ways inheritance and delegation can be used to create well architected and performant applications. Games have a lot of objects and those objects do a lot of different things; but sometimes those objects do some very similar things as well. This creates a great opportunity to practice object-oriented programming, an important programming paradigm that influences your application architecture as well as provides performance optimizations."

To play the game, check out the live version at If you would like to host the game on your own system, please see the sections that come after the gameplay instructions below.

Playing the Game

The goal of this game is to get your character to the water. Sounds simple, right? Well, it's not quite that easy... You see, there are bugs moving at varying speeds on the paved-block portion of the scene. If you collide with a bug, your character will be moved back to the original starting position and your score will be reduced. On the other hand, each time you make it to the water safely your score will be increased generously. But, immediately after the short celebration a new bug will be spawned in order to make your next trip to the water a bit more challenging. Let's see how high of a score you can get, shall we?


If you're playing the game on a computer with a keyboard, you can move your character by using the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys. These are the only keys you need to worry about for playing this game.

If you're using a touchscreen device, such as an iPad, you can tap directly on your screen to move your character. To move UP, touch a tile above your character, but in the same column. To move DOWN, touch a tile below your character, but in the same column. To move LEFT, touch a tile to the left of your character, but in the same row. To move RIGHT, touch a tile to the right of your character, but in the same row. These are the only movements you need to worry about for playing this game.

Scoring system:

Reach the water: +15000 points and +500 points per bug

Collide with bug: -5000 points

Half a second of time passes: -150 points

The sections that follow are only necessary if you are trying to host the game on your system.

Install a Web Server

Due to the game's usage of certain JavaScript canvas functions, it will not operate successfully when run from the filesystem. You will need some form of web server in order to host the game. I recommend installing Python on your system, if you don't have it already. Python includes a module called SimpleHTTPServer that allows you to easily serve HTML files on your local system.

Run the Game

Use a command line terminal for the following steps. This guide assumes you will use Python's SimpleHTTPServer module to host the game.

Clone the repository to your local system, then launch the web server:

git clone
cd ArcadeGame
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

You should see a message similar to "Serving HTTP on port 8000" in your terminal.

Use a browser to connect to your web server:

  1. Open your favorite browser

  2. Navigate to http://localhost:8000

At this point, the game should be loaded in your browser and ready to play.

Stop the Web Server

Once you're done playing the game, you can exit your browser and stop the web server.

[press Ctrl+C in the terminal to interrupt the web server]
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