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(ns clojure.contrib.test-fnmap
(:use clojure.contrib.fnmap
(deftest acts-like-map
(let [m1 (fnmap get assoc :key1 1 :key2 2)]
(are [k v] (= v (get m1 k))
:key1 1
:key2 2
:nonexistent-key nil)
(are [k v] (= v (k m1))
:key1 1
:key2 2
:nonexistent-key nil)
(let [m2 (assoc m1 :key3 3 :key4 4)]
(are [k v] (= v (get m2 k))
:key1 1
:key2 2
:key3 3
:key4 4
:nonexistent-key nil))))
(defn assoc-validate [m key value]
(if (integer? value)
(assoc m key value)
(throw (Exception. "Only integers allowed in this map!"))))
(deftest validators
(let [m (fnmap get assoc-validate)]
(is (= 2 (:key2 (assoc m :key2 2))))
(is (thrown? Exception (assoc m :key3 3.14)))))
(defn get-transform [m key]
(when-let [value (m key)]
(- value)))
(deftest transforms
(let [m (fnmap get-transform assoc)]
(is (= -2 (:key2 (assoc m :key2 2))))))
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