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(ns clojure.contrib.test-io
(:refer-clojure :exclude (spit))
(:use clojure.test
(:import ( File FileInputStream BufferedInputStream)
( URL URI)))
(deftest file-str-backslash
(is (= (
(str "C:"
(file-str "C:\\Documents\\file.txt"))))
(deftest test-as-file
(testing "strings"
(is (= (File. "foo") (as-file "foo"))))
(testing "Files"
(is (= (File. "bar") (as-file (File. "bar"))))))
(deftest test-as-url
(are [result expr] (= result expr)
(URL. "http://foo") (as-url (URL. "http://foo"))
(URL. "http://foo") (as-url "http://foo")
(URL. "http://foo") (as-url (URI. "http://foo"))
(URL. "file:/foo") (as-url (File. "/foo"))))
(deftest test-delete-file
(let [file (File/createTempFile "test" "deletion")
not-file (File. (str (java.util.UUID/randomUUID)))]
(delete-file (.getAbsolutePath file))
(is (not (.exists file)))
(is (thrown? ArithmeticException (/ 1 0)))
(is (thrown? (delete-file not-file)))
(is (delete-file not-file :silently))))
(deftest test-relative-path-string
(testing "strings"
(is (= "foo" (relative-path-string "foo"))))
(testing "absolute path strings are forbidden"
(is (thrown? IllegalArgumentException (relative-path-string (str File/separator "baz")))))
(testing "relative File paths"
(is (= "bar" (relative-path-string (File. "bar")))))
(testing "absolute File paths are forbidden"
(is (thrown? IllegalArgumentException (relative-path-string (File. (str File/separator "quux")))))))
(defn stream-should-have [stream expected-bytes msg]
(let [actual-bytes (byte-array (alength expected-bytes))]
(.read stream actual-bytes)
(is (= -1 (.read stream)) (str msg " : should be end of stream"))
(is (= (seq expected-bytes) (seq actual-bytes)) (str msg " : byte arrays should match"))))
(deftest test-input-stream
(let [file (File/createTempFile "test-input-stream" "txt")
bytes (.getBytes "foobar")]
(spit file "foobar")
(doseq [[expr msg]
[[file File]
[(FileInputStream. file) FileInputStream]
[(BufferedInputStream. (FileInputStream. file)) BufferedInputStream]
[(.. file toURI) URI]
[(.. file toURI toURL) URL]
[(.. file toURI toURL toString) "URL as String"]
[(.. file toString) "File as String"]]]
(with-open [s (input-stream expr)]
(stream-should-have s bytes msg)))))
(deftest test-streams-buffering
(let [data (.getBytes "")]
(is (instance? (reader data)))
(is (instance? (writer (
(is (instance? (input-stream data)))
(is (instance? (output-stream (
(deftest test-streams-defaults
(let [f (File/createTempFile "clojure.contrib" "test-reader-writer")
content "test\u2099ing"]
(is (thrown? Exception (reader (Object.))))
(is (thrown? Exception (writer (Object.))))
(are [write-to read-from] (= content (do
(spit write-to content)
(slurp* (or read-from write-to))))
f nil
(.getAbsolutePath f) nil
(.toURL f) nil
(.toURI f) nil
( f) f
( ( f) "UTF-8") f
f ( f)
f ( ( f) "UTF-8"))
(is (= content (slurp* (.getBytes content "UTF-8"))))
(is (= content (slurp* (.toCharArray content))))
(.delete f)))))