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(ns clojure.contrib.test-properties
(:refer-clojure :exclude (spit))
(:use clojure.test
[ :only (spit)])
(:import (java.util Properties)
( File)))
(deftest test-get-system-property
(testing "works the same with keywords, symbols, and strings"
(is (= (get-system-property "java.home") (get-system-property 'java.home)))
(is (= (get-system-property "java.home") (get-system-property :java.home))))
(testing "treats second arg as default"
(is (= "default" (get-system-property "testing.test-system-property" "default"))))
(testing "returns nil for missing properties"
(is (nil? (get-system-property "testing.test-system-property")))))
(deftest test-set-system-properties
(testing "set and then unset a property using keywords"
(let [propname]
(is (nil? (get-system-property propname)))
(set-system-properties {propname :foo})
(is (= "foo") (get-system-property propname))
(set-system-properties {propname nil})
(is (nil? (get-system-property propname))))))
(deftest test-with-system-properties
(let [propname]
(testing "sets a property only for the duration of a block"
(is (= "foo"
(with-system-properties {propname "foo"}
(get-system-property propname))))
(is (nil? (get-system-property propname)))))
(testing "leaves other properties alone"
; TODO: write this test better, using a properties -> map function
(let [propname
propcount (count (System/getProperties))]
(with-system-properties {propname "foo"}
(is (= (inc propcount) (count (System/getProperties)))))
(is (= propcount (count (System/getProperties)))))))
(deftest test-as-properties
(let [expected (doto (Properties.)
(.setProperty "a" "b")
(.setProperty "c" "d"))]
(testing "with a map"
(is (= expected
(as-properties {:a "b" :c "d"}))))
(testing "with a sequence of pairs"
(is (= expected
(as-properties [[:a :b] [:c :d]]))))))
(deftest test-read-properties
(let [f (File/createTempFile "test" "properties")]
(spit f "a=b\nc=d")
(is (= {"a" "b" "c" "d"}
(read-properties f)))))
(deftest test-write-properties
(let [f (File/createTempFile "test" "properties")]
(write-properties [['a 'b] ['c 'd]] f)
(is (= {"a" "b" "c" "d"}
(read-properties f)))))