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@@ -58,11 +58,28 @@ Additional build commands are available:
To skip the testing phase when building, add "-Dmaven.test.skip=true"
to the mvn command line.
-To specify a different version of Clojure (the language) when
-building, add "-Dclojure.version=NUMBER" to the mvn command line,
-where NUMBER is a the version string of a Clojure release or
+== Choosing a Clojure Version ==
+If you want to compile/build against a specific version of Clojure
+(the language), add "-Dclojure.version=NUMBER" to the mvn command
+line, where NUMBER is the version string of a Clojure release or
development snapshot.
+Or, to compile against a locally-modified version of Clojure, do the
+ 1. Download the maven-ant-tasks JAR from
+ 2. In the Clojure project directory, run the following:
+ ant clean
+ ant -lib /path/to/maven-ant-tasks.jar ci-build
+ 3. In the clojure-contrib directory, run "mvn package"
= Clojure-contrib Versions =

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