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These are the dotfiles I use installed on most of my machines. They provide some nice conveniences:

  • Add ls & grep coloring.
  • conditional $PATH generation
  • color variables
  • git
  • update check dotfiles_check_updates.
  • as well as come conveniences such as l, ll, la, ls, root, serve.

Configuration variables

in ~/.bash_config

  • GIT_BRANCH_CHAR - the character in the git branch. use this to change it if you've got a powerline font.
  • DOTFILES_DIR - directory the git repo is in (for update checking)
  • TMUX_AUTO_OPEN - auto open tmux.
  • COLORS_ENABLED - enable/disable most colors.

Custom Paths

in ~/.bash_path

  • This file is sourced and can contain system-specific executable search paths
  • Follows the format export_path <path_name>, but you can do pretty much anything.

Apply Dotfiles

This overwrites whatever's there.

  • ./ - save in $HOME.


  • - test color pallete
  • ./ - pull local changes from $HOME into this repo.