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A rust port of ibackuptool.

This project is currently under development and is not suitable for normal use yet.

This port will have a smaller scope than the original tool, with it's primary focus being file extraction. Additional tools may be integrated as separate binaries.

The goals of this project are:

  • backup manifest / info parsing
  • backup decryption
    • implement aes key unwrap routines and manifest unlock
    • load manifest into memory as decrypted copy
    • file encryption key unwrap
    • api for file read access
  • backup file extraction
  • provide rust library for custom use
  • compatibility with old backups via manifest.mbdb


1. List Available Backups

$ ibackuptool2 ls
id=6159067247acb912ceb1fbc0f54ae7d2dd693d87 name=iPad product=iPad Air 2 iOS=13.1 encrypted=true dir="6159067247acb912ceb1fbc0f54ae7d2dd693d87"

2a. List Files in Backup

$ ibackuptool2 ls-files -b "6159067247acb912ceb1fbc0f54ae7d2dd693d87"
# output format: id, domain, relativePath
735f4f65879e10473dae4050ceee99fbb69de281: CameraRollDomain, Media
# .. [truncated]

2b. Extract Files in Backup

$ ibackuptool2 extract -b "6159067247acb912ceb1fbc0f54ae7d2dd693d87" -o "./output"
# (status output for each file that's extracted)
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