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Paid Content Alert


Browser addon to notify you when you are about to read just a snippet of an article with paid content.

Available in stores:
Google Chrome Firefox

Any feedback is more than welcomed, same as reporting websites you are missing on the list.


Adding new website

  1. Add record to sites.json
  2. Add a domain to matches in manifest
  3. Bump version in manifest
  4. Test locally and create a pull request

See this commit for an example.

Arguments for a record in sites.json:

  • website hostname
  • function to call
  • argument for called function
  • [delay on called function, 0 by default]
  • [sample url where notification should be visible]
  • [sample url where notification should NOT be visible]))

Using Gulp tasks

  1. Run npm install to get Gulp ready
  2. Run gulp to pack and minify all the files to a zipped folder
  3. Gulp will generate versions for both Chrome and Firefox

Having issues running Gulp from command line?
Run npm i -g gulp-cli and try again


Run npm test to run all tests
(You may need to run gulp dist:chrome first)