Extensible Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services API
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Node.js library for the Amazon Web Services

A simple Node.js library to communicate with the Amazon Web Services API.

This version of aws-lib requires Node v0.4! You can use v0.0.4 if you need to stick to Node v2.6.

It includes clients for the following services:

  • EC2
  • Product Advertising API
  • SimpleDB
  • SQS (Simple Queue Service)
  • SNS (Simple Notification Service)
  • SES (Simple Email Service)
  • ELB (Elastic Load Balancing Service) - added by Bernhard Weißhuhn

Richard Rodger maintains a user-friendly SimpleDB library which is based on aws-lib.

aws-lib is designed to be easily extensible. If you want to add your own API client, have a look at ec2.js or simpledb.js and simply follow their example.

Some simple usage examples:

var aws = require("aws-lib");

ec2 = aws.createEC2Client(yourAccessKeyId, yourSecretAccessKey);

ec2.call("DescribeInstances", {}, function(result) {

Returns you a JSON response which looks something like this: [...] {"item":{ "instanceId":"i-acb2d1db","imageId":"ami-03765c77", "instanceState": {"code":"80","name":"stopped"}, "privateDnsName":{},"dnsName":{}, "reason":"User initiated (2010-07-28 19:37:54 GMT)" [...]

or when using the Product Advertising API: prodAdv = aws.createProdAdvClient(yourAccessKeyId, yourSecretAccessKey, yourAssociateTag);

prodAdv.call("ItemSearch", {SearchIndex: "Books", Keywords: "Javascript"}, function(result) {

Will return you a long list of Books...