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A babushka like clone, written in bash.


Clone this repo to the location of your choice, and add babashka/bin to your path.

git clone
echo "export PATH=$PWD/babashka/bin:\${PATH}" >>.bashrc

or if you don't have git

curl | sh /dev/stdin

Or if you've done this before and you want your deps too:

curl | sh /dev/stdin -u your_github_username

Or if for some reason you felt compelled to name your deps strangely:

curl | sh /dev/stdin -u your_github_username -r strangely_named_repo

Organising deps

babashka looks for dependencies by searching the ./deps/, ./babashka-deps/ and ~/.babashka/deps folders for files ending in .bash or .sh.

Project-specific deps are conventionally kept in ./deps/ and global deps are conventionally kept in ~/.babashka/deps.

For example, ~/projects/myapp/deps/ might contain deployment scripts for an app called myapp, while ~/.babashka/deps/ might contain deps which install packages you commonly need on new systems.

Writing deps

Write deps with a similar form to their babushka counterparts:

# dep zsh_installed
zsh_installed() {
  function is_met() {
    which zsh
  function meet() {
    sudo aptitude install zsh
  process # Process line is important, you must include it.

# dep mysql_environment
mysql_environment() {
  requires "mysql_server"
  requires "mysql_client"
  # Don't need process if this dep doesn't have meet or is_met

mysql_server() {
  function is_met() {
    which mysqld
  function meet() {
    sudo aptitude install mysql-server

mysql_client() {
  function is_met() {
    which mysql
  function meet() {
    sudo aptitude install mysql-client

Running deps

Then invoke:

babashka zsh_installed
babashka mysql_environment

What people are saying about babashka

"You're a bad person"

~ @larsyencken