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This guide assumes you want to install system-wide, without pip. The recommended install is still with virtualenv and pip.

This guide comes with no warrenty or assurance of correctness. It's mostly meant as a guideline. Your milage may vary. Many commands assume you have (or can get) root priveldges. Good luck!

install gcc Distro-dependent

install cmake Distro-dependent

install python's protobuf (google) python -m easy_install protobuff

install flask python -m easy_install flask

install pycrypto python -m easy_install pycrypto

These next two need to be from the repos for now, as the patches haven't been pushed out yet

install libgit2 git clone git:// follow cmake instructions (you must remove old version of libgit2 and its devel headers)

install pygit2

git clone ./pygit2
sudo python install

install github (python) This is only required if you intend to pull data from github

python -m easy_install pygithub

install watchdog Only required if you want realtime updating of peer nodes

python -m easy_install watchdog

Groundstation setup Odds are good if you're reading this, you've already done the following, but in case you're viewing this via a browser:

git clone ./groundstation

cd groundstation

python stationd