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Update crypto doc with potential sync strategies

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@@ -10,3 +10,25 @@ We make sweeping assumptions about how we can verify data, namely that we can
ignore hashing algorithms and length extension attacks. Where it's reasonable
we assert that you not only have a 40 character SHA1 hash, but also one that
points to a valid object
+## Sync Strategy
+In the name of being reasonable, it should probably be possible to run a node
+with two different sync stragegies, to match both your intent and some security
+#### Paranoid
+In this mode, the sync procedure should be as follows:
+2. Inspect all tips, discard all signatures that aren't trusted
+3. Fetch all missing objects in that set of tips
+4. Fetch all their parents which are missing, etc.
+This leaves you with a fairly git-ish lazy sync, but with some protection
+against people feeding you terrabyte long objects.
+#### Eager
+Basically, sync as it currently stands.

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