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@@ -43,10 +43,10 @@ <h1 class="title">Groundstation</h1>
intended to build distributed knowledge graphs, and then sync them up in
hostile network settings.</p>
-<p>It’s uses are wide and varied, but some key examples are:</p>
+<p>Its uses are wide and varied, but some key examples are:</p>
- <li>Locale driven marketplaces.</li>
+ <li>Locale-driven marketplaces.</li>
<li>Fully decentralised bulletin boards.</li>
<li>Networks that keep working long after the internet has failed.</li>
@@ -60,17 +60,9 @@ <h1 class="title">Groundstation</h1>
that you’re using git it does assume you’re using something that looks <em>a lot
like git</em>.</p>
+<h2 id="protocol-support">protocol support</h2>
-<p>groundstation uses pygit2 under the hood for its git interactions, and some
-features that it depends on have not landed in a stable release yet.</p>
-<p>For this reason, you'll need to build and install the latest <a href="">libgit2</a> and
-<a href="">pygit2</a> from source.</p>
-<h2>protocol support</h2>
-<p>groundstation hinges on the notion of protocols internally- groundstation core
+<p>groundstation hinges on the notion of protocols internally – groundstation core
provides you with content addressable storage, but it’s up to you to work out
what to actually do with that data.</p>
@@ -79,23 +71,25 @@ <h1 class="title">Groundstation</h1>
already, everything that ships with groundstation will be released with
<code></code> as the email, ie <code></code>.</p>
-<p>groundstation uses <a href="">babashka</a> for managing it's dependencies. If you have it installed, you should be able to do something like:</p>
+<h2 id="development">development</h2>
-<p><code>babashka groundstation_dev</code> and wind up with a working environment. Maybe.</p>
+<p>groundstation is mostly self contained, and hasn’t relied on unreleased
+features in libgit2 or pygit2 for some time now. Assuming that you have a
+working and recent libgit2 you should be able to run the test suite by running:</p>
- <li>install libgit2 v0.18.0</li>
<li><code>pip install -r requirements.txt</code></li>
- <li>???????</li>
- <li>profit!</li>
+ <li><code>make groundstation_dev</code></li>
<p>You probably want to install those requirements in a virtualenv.</p>
-<p>You’ll almost certainly want to have a read of the <a href="">hacking document</a>,
-and checkout the other <a href="">misc hacking docs</a>.</p>
+<p>There is also a tiny unittest suite for some of the javascript in Airship, you can run them by running:</p>
+ <li><code>npm install</code></li>
+ <li><code>make airship_test</code></li>
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