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# This is an awk script which finds out what the possibilities for
# the signal names are, and dumps them out so that cpp can turn them
# into numbers. Since we don't need to decide here what the
# real signals are, we can afford to be generous about definitions,
# in case the definitions are in terms of other definitions.
# However, we need to avoid definitions with parentheses, which will
# mess up the syntax.
BEGIN { printf "#include <signal.h>\n\n" }
/^[\t ]*#[\t ]*define[\t _]*SIG[A-Z][A-Z0-9]*[\t ][\t ]*[^(\t ]/ {
sigindex = index($0, "SIG")
sigtail = substr($0, sigindex, 80)
split(sigtail, tmp)
signam = substr(tmp[1], 4, 20)
if (substr($0, sigindex-1, 1) == "_")
printf("XXNAMES XXSIG%s _SIG%s\n", signam, signam)
printf("XXNAMES XXSIG%s SIG%s\n", signam, signam)
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