Nativescript app for MiP robot
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Nativescript bluetooth robot

A mobile app that lets the user send and receive commands to and from a MiP robot via web bluetooth. This was built using the Nativescript framework (Angular 2 & JavaScript) during a one day workshop.


Paste the following Ruby script in the terminal and hit Enter:

$ sudo ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Install the Nativescript CLI:

$ npm install nativescript -g

Check that everything is setup correctly:

$ tns doctor

Running the app

Clone the repository to your local machine:

$ git clone
$ cd bluetooth-robot

Make sure you have all the app dependencies:

$ npm install

Add the Android and iOS platforms to the project:

$ tns platform add android
$ tns platform add ios

Add the nativescript-bluetooth plugin:

$ tns plugin add nativescript-bluetooth

Run the app on your device:

$ tns run android --watch
$ tns run ios --watch