First ever web app. Intro to Sinatra
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Rock Paper Scissors challenge

My first web application that lets the Makers Academy Marketing Array ( MAMA ) play the classic game of rock, paper, scissors with the computer. The user begins on the homepage and fills in their name. The next page will be a selection of weapons and once you've picked one, a results page will tell you what the computer has picked and whether you've won, lost or drew. Massive thanks to my girlfriend for design help and a logo that will be implemented later this week. The full game is available at:

screenshot from 2016-07-25 00 37 48

screenshot from 2016-07-25 00 55 51

screenshot from 2016-07-25 00 56 22

User Stories

As a marketeer
So that I can see my name in lights
I would like to register my name before playing an online game

As a marketeer
So that I can enjoy myself away from the daily grind
I would like to be able to play rock/paper/scissors

Basic Rules

  • Rock beats Scissors
  • Scissors beats Paper
  • Paper beats Rock


  • Study and undertand class methods
  • Replace the global variables => VERY BAD!!!
  • Bonus level 1: Multiplayer - Change the game so that two marketeers can play against each other ( yes there are two of them ).
  • Bonus level 2: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard - Use the special rules ( you can find them here )