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My dotfiles et al

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This is a mirror of the dotfiles in my home directory that might be considered useful.

A few bits and pieces that won't be immediately obvious.

If you want my vim environment, the best way to get it is to look in code/ext/vim and have a play with .pull_data and merge, they are the tools I use to pull upstream into my env (I'm told vundler would be better, but it'd resist my forks and distributed configness.

There is a clone of it in vim/ but then you're at my mercy updating this repo. I may remove that entirely, once I'm sure that everything is elsewhere.

You'll still want my vimrc though.

I've added notes to a few of these files (Xdefaults and Openbox rc.xml so far) with NOTES showing the config elements that don't work unless you're running my fork.

In both cases there are debian packages available at using

deb sid main contrib non-free

(Only for sid)

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