A .NET client to Table Storage to make it look like a graph database
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Azure Storage Extensions

A set of extensions to the Azure Storage SDK, to easily enable new types of storage, as abstractions over existing services.


An extension to the .NET SDK for Windows Azure Storage which adds a triple store abstraction over Table Storage.

In simple terms, it makes it easy to use Table Storage as a graph database.


Install using the nuget package:

PM> Install-Package AzureGraphStore

Example Usage

Create a graph

var account = CloudStorageAccount.DevelopmentStorageAccount;
var graphClient = account.CreateCloudGraphClient();
var graph = graphClient.GetGraphReference("example");

Add triples to the graph

// insert subject, property and value directly:
graph.Put("Richard", "Loves", "Cheese");

// insert a triple
var triple = new Triple("Richard", "Hates", "Marmite");

Query the graph

// query a single triple
var triple = graph.Get("Richard", "Loves", "Cheese").First();

// query using any combination of subject, property and value, i.e.
var triples = graph.Get(subject: "Richard");
var triples = graph.Get(property: "Loves");
var triples = graph.Get(values: "Cheese");
var triples = graph.Get(subject: "Richard", property: "Hates");
var triples = graph.Get(property: "Hates", value: "Marmite");
var triples = graph.Get(); // retrieving the entire graph is not recommended!

Delete triples from the graph:

graph.Delete("Richard", "Loves", "Cheese");


A strongly typed object store, using JSON to persist data in blob storage.


Install using the nuget package:

PM> Install-Package AzureJsonStore

Example Usage

We can use any POCO class, as long as it can be serialized to JSON. For this sample, we'll use this 'Foo' class:

class Foo
    public string Bar { get; set; }
    public int Baz { get; set; }

Create a store

var account = CloudStorageAccount.DevelopmentStorageAccount;
var jsonStoreClient = account.CreateCloudJsonStoreClient();
var store = jsonStoreClient.GetJsonStoreReference<Foo>("foostore");

Add objects to the store

store.Put("foo1", new Foo{ Bar = "Hello", Baz = 3});

Get objects from the store

var foo = store.Get("foo1");

Query the store for objects

var foos = store.Query();

Delete objects from the store