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About microPhantom

microPhantom is an AI bot playing microRTS. It uses GHOST, a Constraint Programming toolkit, to design and solve combinatorial problems for all decision-making behaviors.

Compiling microPhantom's solver

Follow this simple procedure:

$> cd problem_model
$> make

It will compile the executable solver_cpp and make a symbolic link toward it in microPhantom/src/ai/microPhantom.

You can run the script to be sure everything is (locally) ok!

Making a jar file for microPhantom

Just run this script:


It will create a jar file into the bin folder.

You can run the script to be sure everything is (locally) ok!

Running microPhantom

The simplest way is to run the following script:

$> ./

To run our bot on different maps or against different opponents, simply comment/uncomment the desired lines in src/tests/

To run several times 1V1 games with our bot against one or some opponents, your can run the following script:

$> ./ param_nb_runs param_path_result_file param_timeout with param_nb_runs the number of games you want to play against each opponent, param_path_result_file the path of the text result file to be written and param_timeout a timeout depending on the size of the map (see below).

Timeouts used in competitions:

  • 8x8 maps: 3000
  • 16x16 maps: 4000
  • 24x24 maps: 5000
  • 32x32 maps: 6000
  • 64x64 maps: 8000
  • larger than 64x64 maps: 12000

To change the map or the list of opponents, comment/uncomment the desired lines in src/tests/

Downloading and compiling GHOST

microPhantom uses the Constraint Programming toolkit GHOST. The solver executables you just compiled (see previous intructions above) are using the static library of GHOST in the lib folder.

However if you prefer to use the last version of GHOST, then follow these steps:

  1. Clone the develop brach of our GHOST framework with:
    git clone --single-branch -b develop
  2. Enter into the GHOST folder and compile it with the following commands (you need cmake and g++ or clang): ./
  3. Copy the file libghost_static.a from the lib directory of the GHOST folder to the lib directory of the microPhantom folder.
  4. Copy the include/ghost folder installed on your system (the last messages after running ./ should tell you where is it located) to a include/ghost directory of the microPhantom folder.


microRTS is a small implementation of an RTS game, designed to perform AI research. The advantage of using microRTS with respect to using a full-fledged game like Wargus or Starcraft (using BWAPI) is that microRTS is much simpler, and can be used to quickly test theoretical ideas, before moving on to full-fledged RTS games. microRTS was developed by Santiago Ontañón.

Scientific production

You can find the CoG 2020 paper about microPhantom on my website, and my CoG video presentation on YouTube: IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE


Bot playing to microRTS ( and exploiting GHOST ( to solver optimization problems under uncertainty







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