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The Learn@UW / Desire2Learn Question Importer Tool allows you to create Desire2Learn-ready CSV (comma separated value) files from existing quiz or exam documents. You can copy your question & answer text into the tool directly from programs such as Microsoft Word, iWork Pages or any other word processing/text editing programs, and after some slight reformatting and simple markup addition, quickly import your questions & answers into a D2L Question Library.

The tool was originally created using Flash and ActionScript 3. I'm providing the source .fla file of the last version (1.3) here for those interested in taking a look at how the tool works. This file contains the ActionScript that processes the input text; however, I've also provided the ActionScript code in a separate .as file for review. The .xml file is referenced when publishing the tool from Flash as an Adobe AIR app. The .air file is the installation file for the tool - Adobe AIR needs to be installed before this is run (

I am no longer developing or supporting the ActionScript version of this tool.


The source Flash file and ActionScript 3 code for a tool to assist with the bulk import of quiz questions into the Desire2Learn LMS.




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