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A library you can compile into your Android NDK code to generate gprof-compatible profile information.
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Sorry folks, I don't use this and I just don't feel like working for free on other people's problems.
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WARNING: Unmaintained code ahead

As an alternative please try out Google's own FPL Utils - NDK perf, which provides a non-intrusive way to profile your applications using Linux perf. However be warned that this too is only supported on 2 somewhat-obsolete devices.

The general churn in Android means that this library has suffered some severe bit-rot over the last couple of years. If you can help then pull requests are appreciated, but I no longer have the time or motivation to work on the project.

Profile Android NDK code. Further instructions on the docs/ page.

There are examples on the docs/ page and the design decisions are discussed on the docs/ page.

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