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Dinosaur Rss 🦕

A simple, efficient, open source RSS reader service

Podlove player

Key Features

🚀 Simple and Efficient

Dinosaur Rss 🦕 is build as minimum viable product, new features will be added up to you.

By using Client-Server architecture, feeds are synchronized intelligently on the server, so it's energy efficient for your device.

💻 Cross Platform

MacOS Windows Linux
tested on MacOS 10.15 tested on Windows 10 🔜 on the way

🎤 Podcast Optimized

Integrated with @Podlove Player for the specific needs of podcasters.

Podlove player

💡 Code Highlight

const code = `var data = 1;`;

// log

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

n - Next N - Previous b - Back
p - Next page P - Previous page M - Mark all as read
j - Move down k - Move up x - Exit
d - PgOn u - PgUp r - Refresh
gg - Go to first line G - Go to last line yy - Copy link
F5 - Reload window Esc - Close modal window ctrl + f - Search

📝 Personal Memo

Have a skin in the game !

🍎 Apple Silicon Support

Enjoy the benefit of new technology in Apple Silicon.

🆓 Free for 100 feeds

Just Buy me a coffee to get more feeds.

Podlove player

Quick Start

Install dependencies:


Start development on macOS:

yarn run dev:mac

Build package on macOS:

yarn run dist:mac:x64

Follow us

Twitter: @dino_rss